Author Topic: why is my grey scale image in photoshop not printing out in halftones??  (Read 1208 times)

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I am using photoshop cs version 8...and T-Rip and an Epson 3000..sep is 300 resolution

I have 6 separations which have their own individual file...I am printing them out one at a time. I opened up the first one, the underbase which is halftoned.. it is in "grey scale" mode which is the mode all the seps are.

I got to File/Print with brings up the "Print" window...I click on "Screen"...set LPI to 55....angle to 22.5....for shape I chose Ellipse..I click "ok"

Then, still on the "Print" window, I click "Page Set Up"...which brings the page set up window...I click "Printer"..I chose "ok" on page set up.....

I click "Print" to send it to T-Rip.....then a window pops up saying "The image's resolution is higher than 2.5 times the halftone screen frequency. Print Anyway?"...i click "Proceed"

This brings up "Print" window....the T Rip is automatically chosen..I click OK...which then opens up T-Rip and the sep is now in T-Rip

Once in T-Rip i click on the printer button in t-rip and the sep starts printing......but it does NOT print in halftones nor is it opaque!

What about my steps am I doing wrong?? I do not know my way around Photoshop to well but I'm thinking what I am doing is least I thought it was....the sep is not printing out in halftones....its printing like it normally would if a rip was not involved...its printing the film like a regular printer would do it...I've already wasted 4 sheets and a lot of ink trying to figure this out.

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Do you have the options in trip set for where your black is, and resolution etc.. Page 34 aprox.