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We have a freestyler. We Make about 15-30 screens a day with it in 2 head mode. By the time I expose and rinse the screen the one in printer is usually done depending on image size.  Support has been great from exile.  No complaints about ours!

Grand, what kind of prints are you putting out and what dpi setting for halftones? Sim process or just spot colors?
Do you use tri-lock on press for setups? If so hows this machine do on line ups?
Wax is my preferred choice, but with some up coming equipment additions coming not sure that's in the budget. I for one like the fact that when you replace ink it's also the print head, yes maybe a lil or lot more cost than others but it's nice to know there wont be a clog waiting for you in the morning.

Change print head when you change ink?  I'm not sure I understand. Can you elaborate a little more?   I don't think that when adding or changing ink, that you need to replace a print head.
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Re: Exile FreeStyler CTS
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Dan the ink casette has the print head so when you change the casette you change the head.
I looked at these units about 2 years ago and did not get one, the quality was not good enough for our needs.
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