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Anajet DTG - FP 125

This is one of the original Anajet printers. It's said to be considered a work horse out of the family of Anajet printers by many past DTG owners and one of the most reliable (as I am told), but I've had it a a few years sitting not being used. When it was packed away, it was cleaned up perfect, with all lines and head being clear.

Since I've had it over a few years now, (stored), Ive gotten it out, set it up...and I've ran cleaning fluid thru it about every other month last year or more just to see it work and try to keep heads cleaned up. Cleaning solution flows through all lines.\

When I got it, it came with 8 unopened ink cartridges and additional cleaning fluid. The ink was too old to try and test out. I don't want to risk clogging the heads. I've never invested in the new ink to print with it. I took this machine to toy with, but never got around to investing the money into the inks. I think the ink cartridges range in the area of 40-60.00 each. This is a white ink printer, but many people jsut avoid printing issues with white ink and run them as a color DTG with no issues.  The white ink and head/line technology back then was just not good enough to run these without issue (at that time).  Now, I believe I read ion Anajets site that you can upgrade somehow and get better white ink results.

When this machine was purchased, it was used for about 2 wks to a month sparingly and that Co decided it was not for them and their business needs. So they then tried to keep it stored for a while and sell it to get their money back. They could not sell it at the price they were asking and they just stored it. After so many years of having it around, they just decided to sell it for whatever they could get and I got it for $1000.00

Comes with software for Windows (not vista), but that version before Vista, whatever it was called, so you must set up an older PC with that older system to run it.

1 adult, 1 youth and 1cap palette + misl. 1-2 gallons of Pre-treat.

I give no guarantee that it will print perfect (once you get inks in it) as I've never ran it (printed an image) to know. But it has been getting cleaning fluid thru it.

This would be good for someone wanting to take a risk of purchasing inks and a $1000.00 investment for getting into the DTG game. You might have a total of $1500.00 into it and end up being in the DTG game, offering full color one offs or doing small orders of up to 72-100 full color shirts. I don't know where else you can do that.

The thing about keeping all DTG printers running successfully, is that you want to run at least one shirt, one design or test print...every 1-2 days to keep them primed.

I'm looking to sell this fast and get what I put into it...witch was very little for what it's worth and for what it could add to your business.


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