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Happy to answer anyone's questions about OrderMyGear and what online stores look like as well as how they work, always happy to help!

Stinkhorn Press:
In the other Order My Gear thread, someone mentioned getting a rep in here to answer questions.
I had a demo with Ben today (hi ben) and suggested it to him.
Here he is.

I signed up about two weeks ago, I worked with Jordan, she was a huge help....I have been crushing it with stores. One of the best investments we've made since DTS...Took me a minute to navigate, I still need a bit of help on adding new products not in your database but other than that, 110% worth the money....

oh and welcome Ben.

Hi Ben and welcome. I am also interested in signing up and would like to approach some of the local  booster clubs about it but I am not the best sales person around. Do you guys offer any marketing materials that I could show my customers how it would benefit them?

OMG vs Inksoft - thoughts?


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