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What are you using for online stores?

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Mr Tees!!:
...we are getting kinda fed up with our webstore service, AGP Solutions. We are in a constant state of needing to update with something called Vantiv Integrated payments, or they ding you with heavy fees. They also cant get our login credentials right, constant headache requiring a lengthy phonecall each time.

...If anyone can recommend a better way to run webstores, we are all ears over here. Also, if anyone is familiar with AGP/Vantiv, and has some tips or horror stories, thats appreciated as well

NOTE: Im giving my better half (Tiffany) access to this thread, as she is the one administering this stuff and will be the one responding.

Order My Gear. end of story. Pay the start up fee...

I used to use AGP too, they can suck it.

Contact Order My Gear.... do the demo... and then pay the money. They took 4 easy payments from me so you don't even have to pay it all up front.

We are a big fan of Inksoft's new online stores. They are really sharp. We've been on Inksoft for ~5 years now and have been happy. However, their new stores platform is what I've been waiting for. Other stuff has been okay/satisfactory, but these new stores are truly legit. I'd give them strong consideration.


--- Quote from: BRGtshirts on March 21, 2018, 09:59:28 PM ---We are a big fan of Inksoft's new online stores. They are really sharp.

--- End quote ---

Agreed, Inksoft stores are easy to setup, and quick to roll out, and feature rich enough, and themeable through a GUI that is easy to use.

Here are two stores we have running currently for pre-orders,, has both options for individual shipping, or a pickup date which is a nice feature where the customer can decide.

The rest of inksoft is ok (ehh), just takes a ton of time to manage the products you offer, however the store / fundraiser feature is pretty slick.  If only they can take it to the next level and allow customers the GUI to setup their campaigns to have true TeeSpring / Booster / Represent functionality, as sometimes we setup stores and then they get like two orders.


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