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Four manual presses (Workhorse/M&R) and other equipment
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:27:16 AM »
I have 4 manual presses that I will be available shortly; three mid 90's era Workhorse AHD presses (6/6, 6/6, 8/8) and a 2016 (barely used) M&R Sidewinder 6/6 with side clamps and air locks.

The Workhorse presses are from an era before the company was sold overseas and the presses were redesigned with cheaper materials; all cast aluminum heads.

One 6/6 has basically been in a time capsule; it was purchased by an art school in Richmond, CA to teach skills to inner city youth. The press has very low mileage but the only negative is that the top of the press has significant plastisol staining... because, kids. The smooth areas can be cleaned but I fear there will always be a rainbow of love on the rough areas of the center wheel. I used as a 3-station; comes with 3 Workhorse aluminum pallets (no rubber) and 3 standard pallets  $3500 obo

The other 6/6 has lived life to the fullest. This one came from a larger production house in AZ and it was clear that the employees loved spray adhesive. I have been able to clean most of it but it will always have evidence of its former life. My biggest frustration was that the bottoms of the pallet arms all have gorooves from overtightening the pallet brackets. I used Action Engineering bracket to adapt M&R style pallets so it was not really an issue, but still lame. Still a solid press. Comes with 6 pallet brackets; no baoards $2250 obo

The 8/8 is about where you might expect a 20+ year old press to be. It's biggest detractor is the sheer size of the beast; with pallet arms it comes in at about 11' - 12' diameter. Basically selling it for the value of the 8 printheads ($225 each); if you would like just those, I'll recycle the body of the press for scrap. $1800 obo

The M&R Sidewinder has every bell and whistle possible. It was purchased new in 2016 by a deep-pocketed media printer who branched out into t-shirts as an add-on feature. After 4 months of running 2 of identical manuals, they bought a Sportsman and this press went into storage. Everything on this press is practically new. List price from M&R is $9750 + crating and shipping. $7000 firm (I list this last among the presses since I may just keep it)

Richmond Solarbeam 2737 Screen Maker exposure unit. Everything works on it but could probably use a new bulb before too long ($600!). Sealed beam tri-metal halide is equivalent to 5000w. Only reason I'm selling is because I bought a MSP3140. Currently exposure times are between 30 and 40 seconds. Comes with current working bulb and 2 used extras. Based on other ads I have seen, will accept a Tri Loc 23x31 master frame. 220v 20a 1-phase power. $1000 obo

Hopkins RedAir forced air flash - 16 x 16 manual - 110v 20a power. $400 obo

(2) Workhorse heads to upgrade your 4/4 to a 6/4 or 6/6 to 8/6. Later style heads with springs and brackets. I got rid of the cheesy nylon "eyebolts" on the micros and replaced with true spherical rod ends. $750/set obo

(6) Action Engineering Manual Bracket Adapter 2 to use M&R style pallets to your Workhorse/Hopkins etc manual press. $140 each new. $625 firm for set of 6 (will not separate).

All items able to be shipped. Asking price includes crating; you choose and pay for your carrier. Ships from Novato, CA (94949); commercial space, no forklift, no loading dock.
Pics to be added shortly

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