Author Topic: Firefly Dryer - Single Phase - 5 Months Old  (Read 272 times)

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Firefly Dryer - Single Phase - 5 Months Old
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:39:04 AM »
I got a Firefly dryer last year for my DTG business and it is awesome, however, moving to a new location is going to make it very hard to hang on to. My loss could be your gain. It is on a 3 year lease with Geneva Capital (approximately 29 months left @ $963/mo but you can negotiate whatever with Geneva or buy it out completely) and I'm just wanting someone to assume the lease and cover shipment and setup at their new place (preferably arranged by Brown.)

It is setup to run on 220V (technically 208V) single phase and is split between two breakers, one 70 amp breaker and one 40 amp breaker. Let me be clear that this machine doesn't use this much power all the time. My highest power bill ever has only been $300 and that's with running a/c and heat too and also running this machine 12 hours a day for a month straight over our Christmas rush. I'd estimate it was only around $100-$150 to run this over that time.

It has a 45" infeed extension. Belt is 36" wide.

If you're interested in it, send me a PM. I would also consider selling the whole business (I have a lot of other equipment and very seasoned e-commerce accounts) for the right price.

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