Author Topic: Pete Junior From New Era Apparel: Screen Printing's Big and Brash New York Print  (Read 142 times)

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Love him or hate him, Pete Junior has emerged as one of the most outspoken and charismatic screen printers on the internet.

His gonzo-style live videos are legendary on Facebook groups – including his unhinged rants at spam callers selling him digitizing services. He screams "$75! Dats it!" at the caller, fully aware that they can't hang up.

Pete's business, New Era Apparel, is a high-volume contract print shop. Pete's dirty floors are a running joke – the shop is dirty because they're too busy to clean! Backed by an experienced team of long-time printers and powered by infectious energy alongside a zero-BS attitude, Pete Junior is on the warpath to grow his business and conquer contract screen printing in New York state.

Most valuable purchase during the last year?

Pete upgraded to a 14-color M&R Sportsman EXG automatic screen printing press. "I fall in love with it even more every day."

This robust unit is indispensable for Pete's shop – it's reliable, able to take on jobs with tons of colors, and backed by strong support.

If cost were no concern, what would you buy to improve your shop?

We've seen lots of shops tell us the same thing: go computer-to-screen. "Streamlining prep and workflow is key in contract printing since you're working on such low margins." The ability to quickly create screens is a huge competitive advantage, and CTS systems have helped numerous contract shops boost their productivity significantly.

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