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Hotronix® Offers LowRider Heat Press
« on: June 26, 2019, 09:21:20 PM »
For certain applications and markets, the Hotronix® LowRider heat press can speed up production and keep your shirt press free for other jobs.

If you cater to companies, schools, and teams with embroidered emblems, name personalization, or chest-size designs, the selection of interchangeable mini-sized platens are just right for this product size. Or if you offer the service of inserting heat transfer labels for designer brand-name apparel or a preprint line, this press is ideal for pulling the inside neck over the platen and quickly heat pressing a person’s name or logo.

This versatile press is lightweight and portable making it ideal to take to onsite events for adding a name or number to a preprinted design for an extra fee. It comes with three platens: a 6-by-6 inch, a 4-inch round and a 6-inch by 1 7/8-inch by 5 7/8-inch that is Y shaped.

Proudly made in the United States, the LowRider has a patented, auto-open upper platen that pops up when the timer goes off. The easy-to-read digital time, temperature and pressure display ensure consistent print quality.

It features a patented magnetic assist when locking down the upper platen that reduces fatigue on the wrists and shoulders of the operator. And the Twin Timer™ allows the user to preset individual time settings for two-step applications or for preheating.
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Hotronix®, a GroupeSTAHL company, designs, engineers, and manufactures a full line of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced heat press machines with the goal of exceeding customer expectations at a competitive cost. Made in the USA and engineered by experts who understand heat printing, Hotronix® heat presses are product safety certified. For more information, to locate a dealer, or make a dealer inquiry, call (800) 727-8520 or visit