Author Topic: InkSoft Releases New Designer Embed Feature  (Read 136 times)

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InkSoft Releases New Designer Embed Feature
« on: July 05, 2019, 09:54:51 AM »
InkSoft recently released a new feature that provides a simple way to add an online design and purchase function to an existing website. Designer Embed allows customers to design, get a quote and check out from any device. Because it’s mobile responsive, the design tool automatically adjusts to any screen size. 

This new tool allows the user to control all the settings, products, designs and art content to serve any selling and marketing need. The general functions include domain settings, contact info, branding, display settings, email notifications, polices and direct messaging. The e-commerce capabilities include choosing a shipping method, pickup, checkout settings and custom order fields.

Whether you are allowing customers to create designs you will print for them, or you want to sell printed goods into a niche market, you can tailor the designer experience to the market.

This new designer offers a seamless experience that includes a fully integrated product catalog and easy check out. The software guides the customer through the entire process of choosing a product, creating a design and selecting product sizes and quantities.

For InkSoft customers who want to create integrations, the new Designer Embed comes with optimized advanced parameters. More details on the advanced parameters can be found at

To watch a video of the new Designer Embed feature, go to

For more information, contact InkSoft at (800) 410-3048; email: [email protected] or visit the website at