Author Topic: Screen Print Shop Bottlenecks and Production Errors - 6 Experts Report  (Read 115 times)

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6 screen printing industry experts report on the production bottlenecks and problems they see at print shops across the world. Production bottlenecks hurt profitability, make customers unhappy, and create a hectic shop environment – and they tend to lead to dreaded spoilage and misprints.

Here's the problems that these long-time industry experts have seen time and time again:

Alan Howe from SAATI:

"It's the screen room, every time. [...] Do you have the capability to produce screens for screen printing for your (big new press)? This is where the bottleneck is."

Greg Kitson from Mind's Eye Graphics:

"Art approvals in a timely basis. [...] Screens. Tomorrow's screens today!"

Rick Roth from The Ink Kitchen:

"It shifts. If you solve a bottleneck in one place, it moves to another. If you do your art fast, your customer service can't keep up. The main bottleneck is usually in setup time. Either people aren't trained or they don't have the right materials."

Scott Fresener from T-Biz International:

"It starts with art, separations, and screens. It's done poorly. Teardowns, redos, one pays you for that stuff. Production guys might see the bottleneck in ink mixing or staging. But I see it this always starts with bad arts. [...] Good notes and documentation helps. You've got to document every job."

Watch the full video here: - Printavo, simple shop management software.