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Re: Just art: Please join
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Each person who post's a new grouping of images should probably post it in this category but by creating a new post. Just so one does not have to scroll down 400 images later one to see the latest.

Thanks all!!
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Re: Just art: Please join
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Haha.  Love that Charlie Brown shirt.  Can't post stuff yet. but will soon after the big event. I don't want our customers to see the art on the internet...before they even get it on the shelves, but maybe I could. I donno. Then, I have the regular stuff that is not as interesting but will post that as I can.  I asked a few if I could post some of the printer here and haven't heard back from them yet.

Ha ha.   4th...or 5th  ANNUAL.  Did anyone catch that? LOL

That Charlie Brown shirt made me laugh out loud and startle someone else in the room. And the bug stuff, just too fabulous.

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Re: Just art: Please join
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new subject sounds good Dot.... this will be fun, my new digital direct definitely has a completely different feel to it as it is not plotted out for separation,dot gain.  Lot's more color and subtle airbrushing....
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