Author Topic: Workhorse Updates and Innovates Mach Manual Press Series  (Read 50 times)

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Workhorse Updates and Innovates Mach Manual Press Series
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:53:42 AM »
Workhorse Products has redesigned its Mach manual screen printing press series to make it more user friendly and durable. It also has increased registration accuracy and improved stability. The new design makes it less tiring to operate while offering more features and options than ever before.

The print head, made of precision-machined cast aluminum, comes with easy-to adjust large diameter handles and knobs. These knobs come with spring-loaded adjustments to provide minimal to no backlash and offer super responsive X, Y and Z micro-registration. Tool-free, dial-in off contact with screen angle adjusts also comes standard allowing for the smallest of on head adjustments.

A compression spring cartridge has been implemented on the print head to provide smooth and easy head travel both up and down while maintaining consistent pressure. Spring cartridges are also available with multiple tension settings to handle a variety of screen sizes.

The capture fork and bearing registration are derived from the same time-tested design used on all of Workhorse’s automatic presses. They provide little to no wear with minimal adjustments. This results in a lifetime of use with no fuss.

The upper turret now has a honeycomb design that provides a lightweight, yet high-strength platform for efficient screen rotation and sturdy print head support.

The quick-release pallet and bracket system allows for fast changeovers and pallet compatibility with other presses. It has a three-point leveling adjustment system, and each press comes standard with a set of rubber-coated aluminum pallets.

Choose from a variety of optional cap, jacket, sign, can koozie, and pocket attachments, which offer the capability to tackle any type of job. The Mach comes in six colors/four stations, six colors/six stations, eight colors/six stations and eight colors/eight stations.

As your shop grows, Workhorse offers a full line of manual and automatic equipment to increase your capacity or production speed. For more information, go to

Workhorse Products has distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Turkey, England, Belgium, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and China. For more information or the distributor nearest you, visit the Web site at; e-mail to [email protected], or call (800) 778-8779 Option #1 sales, option #2 service; (602) 437-2305.