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Neons on transparent PVC
« on: February 15, 2013, 11:03:25 PM »
I recently did a job for a good designer buddy that is the in-house designer for a high falutin' shoe retailer. The schedule was a little short, so I didn't have time to order neon pigments. I did find out that a local place sells One Shot fluoros, so I used them. They were kind of difficult to work with. One Shot claims you can screen print with them, but I found them to be really thin. The other thing is that I took a chance on adhesion, they are stuck well enough that you can rub your nail across it vigorously, but if you really dig, they will scratch. They also survive bending. If I had the pigment, this wouldn't be a concern. Thankfully I tested it and talked to the designer to ok it, so no biggie.

BTW, does anyone know what a no. 6 or no.12 mesh would be? That was the recommended mesh from One shot's site. From what I found, that could either mean 4 or 6 tpi and a 10 or 12 tpi mesh respectively.

The person holding the prints is the designer.