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Title: Southern Living
Post by: tonypep on May 02, 2019, 01:05:27 PM
By now, most of you are tired of me writing about Abbeville. By all means, I appreciate those you who travel around the country and beyond. I have done that for more than three decades and do not miss it much. However, the county fair is town. We took a nice short stroll to the square today and watched the setups. There are rides, wares, bands,and food courts etc. Lunch at the Village Grill was Blue plate special: Chicken with swiss cheese, cheddar grits, and sautéed spinach. She had the smothered pork chop with garlic smashed potatoes and butter beans. Our friend Patty is the waitress there now. We are allowed to kiss on the cheek and lips. When my girlfriend was using the commode, Patty came to clean up. She noticed I had a slight bit of food on the side of my mouth. She dabbed it off and said "You know I always got you Hun"
Later we sauntered around and visited with our friends at the Antique stores. They know us too well! Then back to White Gables Mansion. Tomorrow all the antique cars come in and mostly part at the Burt Stark Manision, which is 200 yards from The Gables. A lot of vintage Rolls Royces. This is my one year Anniversary here and I feel blessed and privileged. This was not from the book, it was today. However I may plageurize myself
Best to all and save travels
Title: Re: Southern Living
Post by: RICK STEFANICK on May 02, 2019, 01:12:49 PM
TP, GOOD FOR YOU MY FRIEND.I am very happy for you. Lets chat it up soon
Title: Re: Southern Living
Post by: tonypep on May 02, 2019, 01:25:02 PM
Thanks RS, always here. If you ever get back this way we need to visit!
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Post by: tonypep on May 04, 2019, 03:05:42 PM
Got a chance to drive a Dodge Viper today. Struck up a conversation with the owner over a Mountain Dew and he offered. Went out to a place called Due West and back (pretty much no police on that route) The car was showroom and I was understandly nervous. The sound and power out that car will be something I will never forget. The owner said "Relax son, you're just not going fast enough. The rest of the fair was marvelous.
Later, as I was walking about and taking pictures I smoked an evil cigarette. Just tobacco but still prohibited during fair time. A local policeman  in casual garb walked up to me and said "You are not in any trouble, just mind the signs. Let's go out back where we can talk" Turns out he wanted to bum a smoke