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General Discussion and ??? / Life in a small town
« Last post by tonypep on Today at 08:38:11 PM »
Day before yesterday pulled right up to a guy in an older Mini Cooper. Traded a few stories about older cars and then.... he took about half an hour diagnosting a problem icon with my newer Mini and he just would not give up until done. (Local parts store are not always authorized and do not have the equipment and reluctant to work on these]. Mind you, this would have taken a trip to Gville and $148.00 just to fix a sensor.
He had the tools and diagnisotic plugs on hand. It was fixed and it was free.
He would not take any money. Not even beer though I am sure is was Irish!
General Discussion and ??? / Re: Speaking of music
« Last post by tonypep on Today at 07:41:56 PM »
Yes, I need to get a real job eventually! However, just ordered D Bowie  Hunky Dory (Warhol song on that for you old timers. Also Robert Zimmerman look it up!)
 Music that makes you think, smile, and yes, sometimes tear/cry up once in a while is obviously where I am most right now. I love it.
Used to say when picking up girls that I was an Artist and Writer. While partially true back then, this is becoming more altruistic now. Sure, I can run the circus and most likely will and put all this to the side. Inaglio press and Book press here in the studio.
 Book in progress (panties on the porch included) No income but great rewards for now.
 In closing...all is good in the Garden of Good and Evil. Heart is officially on sleeve.
best tp!
General Discussion and ??? / Re: Speaking of music
« Last post by tonypep on Today at 06:40:31 PM »
Lets not forget Ben Folds and Duncan Sheik. Apparently too good for the radio.
Got them on Amazon, the densest configuration they had (around 3/in if I remember correctly). No need for weatherproofed type and 395-405nm is optimal for based on emulsion tech sheets I read.
I dont see any examples of what LED stripes you used.  Can you share a link?

I have seen problems after 1 year with LED's that had weatherproofing added.  They are duller as have yellowed.

What spectrum did you use?  I have seen 365nm which I think is to low.  I think the optimal is 390-405nm.
General Art Discussions / Re: Some VECTOR files are HUGE time suck
« Last post by Dottonedan on Yesterday at 09:48:51 PM »
LOL, so if you do all your art in PS then you send it to Illy to print, now if you do your art in Illy you send to PS to sep, lucky I know just a little bit to understand this stuff LOL. but know what you mean Dan I've been in that position waiting on a file in Illy to finish it's calculation's.

I actually don't send psd files to Illy to print. I know of some people that do. The bring in a PSD files into Corel or Illy to print to film from there.  Why, I never understood why.  Some say they just don't know any other way and are comfortable where they are. Other say they do their vector or small type and fine line work in vector and combine with raster.  Cheers to them, but I can't see the need. If you start at a high rez and you are "creating your own art", or starting with a psd, then you need no vector. But again, I'm not knocking them. Old habits are hard to break.

I like sending to film (or DTS) (in the program I started or created the work in).   Like if I built an art file in Vector, I'd not take it into photoshop just to print. LOL   I can't see it. and just like that, I can't see printing Phoshop files from a vector program.   I know though, I can wig some people out if they only know Corel or Illy and I send them a multi channel sep file with all color channels in one file.

For Vector FirstAid, I will give that a try. But I think for the most part it sounds like it does the conversion of what I would normally do in Illy.
Things like EXPAND, DIVIDE, TRIM etc.

Inkman,  For Illy, we have Select same  (options). Same color same stroke weight, same tint, and I use this a lot and typically use it for uniting colors after I have broken them apart and have taken the colors out from behind it.

The thing is, I'd expect this Vector FirstAid filter to take a long time because what it needs to do to the files I have (Huge ugly files), would normally take a long time to process (in Illy). But I'll check anything out that can speed it up.  A lot of this stuff that they do in vector really should have been done in Photoshop to begin with. It just gets to be way too much of a vector file.
General Discussion and ??? / Speaking of music
« Last post by mooseman on Yesterday at 07:49:11 PM »

Most probably know this ................ we found this on google Play Store some months ago. Free Sirrus radio app. We have unlimited talk / data so it is on all the time in the shop , car back pocket . This specific link below is what we use possible there are more.
Crank it up ...........................
General Discussion and ??? / Flippin Fajitas
« Last post by tonypep on Yesterday at 06:40:28 PM »
If that is how it goes so be it. For now; loving my records, working in the studio and on the novel. FYI it's Carole King, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Carly Simon, Todd, the wonderful Regin Spektor and yes..... FZ for motivation. For now. Putting a record on the player takes me/us back. The music is just as good. It is just fun to pull out a record and put the needle on. Haven't lost my mind but perhaps I have found it.
Best tp
Ink and Chemicals / Re: color Rutland 431
« Last post by tonypep on Yesterday at 06:17:27 PM »
Most ink companies, if not all, offer gray ink formulas using color. In theory that is correct. Not always applicable for us however. If there is a lot of yellow, you may expect some shifting later after dryer exit. Not sure about "refreshing" term. If you care to elaborate perhaps we can be of better help.
best tp
Ink and Chemicals / color Rutland 431
« Last post by Mitchel on Yesterday at 04:19:36 PM »
Hi all
Do you know why the 431 gray is refreshing next to the other colors when it comes out of the oven?
I use Rutland for color mixes

thank you
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