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Computers and Software - General / Re: Photoshop sep file size
« Last post by Nation03 on Today at 08:50:53 AM »
That seems really high. Not sure why either. Other than the stuff i send you, I do all my seps in layers, not channels. I don't know if that impacts the file size. I did a 5 color job yesterday that is about 13mb. Print size was about 11x8 inches with resolution at 600. I'm curious why a file would be 400mb.
Computers and Software - General / Photoshop sep file size
« Last post by Dottonedan on Today at 08:29:34 AM »
Good morning boarders!

Every now and then, I get a file from someone (or even a new file I created) and see that the end result separation file is actually very large. Much larger than normal. Like just a couple days ago, I had a file that was 400mb .psd greyscale sep channels. Typical size, tryical quantity of colors. Like I think it was 7 clrs at 13x16" in doc size, at 300 rez.  400mb?

A typical sep file ranges from 10mb-40-45mb max on average. Maybe 3% of them are like this. But why?  So I try other methods. Maybe it's something in my settings/preferences. I donno. Can't find anything on it.

Any other Photoshop users that have ran into this and found any answers?  I will dig further on Adobe forums, or something but thought I'd give this aa shot also.
General Discussion and ??? / Re: Hot Market
« Last post by Lizard on Yesterday at 11:35:24 PM »
$1.25 is what we usually get.
General Discussion and ??? / Re: warped tri loc pallet
« Last post by Lizard on Yesterday at 11:31:14 PM »
One of our Tri-Loc pallets was damaged/bent so here is how to fix it.  Go to Lowe's and get some metric washers (I think it is 5mm size).  Remove the stop blocks and install the washers between the pallet and the stop blocks.  This is also a big problem on the Challenger 3's with individual off contact.  Call me and I can send you some pictures.
Private listings / Full Auto Shop - Javelin Pro 6/8
« Last post by Racer Tees on Yesterday at 08:16:52 PM »
2014 Javelin Pro 6/8
2 Flashbacks
15x17 Pallets
1 Set - 16” Squeegees
Speedaire 5hp 80 Gallon Air Compressor
Air Compressor Chiller

Prints 880 IR Conveyor Dryer

M&R Starlight 2331 Exposure Unit

Epson T3270 Film Printer
w/ 2 700ml Dye Black Cartridges

Rio Ink Mixing System
5 Gal Synergy Poly White
5 Gal Synergy Black

Satorious Ink Scale

16x22 Platens x 4
12x22 Pallets
4x22 Pallets
1 Set - 16” Squeegees
1 Set - 12” Squeegees
1 Set - 4” Squeegees

3 Rolling Job Carts

23x31 Screen Inventory
Approx 40-50 Screens
Most 150-S & 225-S

3 Rolling Screen Racks

Dip Tank

Washout Booth

Full Chemical Inventory
w/ Water Based Pallet Adhesive

More Pictures & Info Upon Request

And I left the word "get" out! No one is perfect.
It is easier to fudge the numbers in a large shop. When I left this one we were developing hand written reports. With the language barriers etc they could not even the date right. So....the data was always in question. So, much more easily done with modern equipment and a smaller more contained environment. Reasonable accuracy is the goal
The Dual Air Fusion® from Hotronix® is built for ultimate heat printing efficiency. With dual 16-inch x 20-inch workstations, it provides the functionality of two presses in one, making heat printing up to 50 percent more productive, according to Hotronix.
This air-operated shuttle-style heat press allows the user to prepare one garment while the other is being pressed. The touch screen control comes with a stylus to easily program and store frequently used applications. The built-in laser alignment system can be turned on within the touch screen to ensure accurate placement and positioning with every heat printing job.

Featuring full Threadability™ on both platens, it’s easy to decorate any area on a garment. Simply rotate the garment without removing it. Change out the platens on one station to decorate a second type of garment or different location.

This heat press features the new Fusion-IQ™, an updated control panel for Fusion heat presses, that provides an array of features targeting easier operation and maintenance and faster, more efficient production. Upgrades and enhancements include a larger, sharper LCD screen with a wider viewing angle, improved self-diagnostics, pop-out controller replacement and SD data card/cloud backup.
The Fusion IQ also provides Cloud performance tracking and user-specific permissions to streamline setting changes and facilitate limiting operator access and filtering and comparing heat press data.

The Dual Air Fusion requires an air compressor and 220 volt for operation.

Hotronix®, a GroupeSTAHL company, designs, engineers, and manufactures a full line of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced heat press machines with the goal of exceeding customer expectations at a competitive cost. Made in the USA and engineered by experts who understand heat printing, Hotronix® heat presses are product safety certified. For more information, to locate a dealer, or make a dealer inquiry, call (800) 727-8520, or visit
Private listings / Re: Double Tri-Loc Master Frame (Trade)
« Last post by gotshirtz001 on Yesterday at 04:02:35 PM »
I got a single frame that I would sell?  I dont use it.
PMd you

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Private listings / Re: Double Tri-Loc Master Frame (Trade)
« Last post by dirkdiggler on Yesterday at 03:39:34 PM »
I got a single frame that I would sell?  I dont use it.
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