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Why cant I get a halftone "tinted" underbase? I check the tinted option and it gives me a solid underbase. I attached the hightail link so you can see what I am working with. This is going on black T's.

Any help would be appreciated!

Because most of everything on that art is a very light or bright color and some areas are pastel. If going on any dark garment, you don't want a halftone underbase under those flames in the center since they are pastel looking. You will need white showing behind that to help give yo that pastel color.

The only areas that (could) go with halftone are the red areas. Even at that, would only be about 75-80% solid. You may as well make them all solid.  Besides, that dot size you are using is pretty big. Any halftone showing to the garment will make it all that much more dotty looking.

I'm assuming it might be going on black tees based on the missing black ink (on your color version) in the type.

Also, when separating these and having the program puting halftones, you should use at least 600 ppi so that the dots will come out crisp or crisper than they are.

The big problem im having is that im trying to match a previously printed shirt where the only solid part of the underbase is the 100% yellow on the cross and the flame, oh and the red necklace thing amd white outline text. other than that it's all dots

It might be better for you to post up a picture of the previous print so we can see how they did it.  Your inks may be different than theirs.
Also, halftone line count and mesh might be different than what they were using. That all plays a roll in the look. Your separations look to show a good bit of white coming through (as intended for the pastel colors).  Having a halftones underbase will let the inks fall to the shirt color and if the shirt color is black, then the inks printing straight to shirt (inside the dot area or negative areas) will look darker, not white... and (much darker) if the inks are translucent.

Yes I will do that when I get back to the shop in the morning. I knew I should've brought it with me!


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