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The heat seal department is almost finished. Six heads, one shuttle and an air op shuttle on the way. Production orders coming in already. Many multiple side foils which present some unthought of issues but they have been solved. One thing I am glad I decided; the entire department is modular. Allows for different configuations for cutting, applying, cooling, peeling etc. Its a reasonably interesting study in ergonomics and proceduralization. Also realizing some smart ideas on getting the most real estate of raw product by having rolls pre-cut by mfg. Now working on examining new formulas for adhesive that will speed things up with regards to time/temp/pressure. Sales is pushing discharge foil combination which appears to have extremely strong appeal.
Fun stuff

That all sounds like a lot of fun & stress doing all the R&D. Hope things all go as excepted in production & look forward to some pics if you get the time.


Tony have you tried the adhesive from Virus Inks? It is hands down the best we have used. Handles high temps and damn near everything we could throw at it! If you have not tried it, for the small cost of a gallon with what you have going on and invested I think you will be pleasantly surprised...

Haven't looked at their products. Who carries their products?


--- Quote from: tonypep on March 26, 2014, 10:52:07 AM ---Haven't looked at their products. Who carries their products?

--- End quote ---

There are like US 4 distributors that are about to be made public. But you can usually pick a gallon up from the people at Amagic(the foil company) in CA. If you want PM me and I can get you in touch with who you would need to talk to to buy direct from Italy, or I have the company in Mexico that sells it.


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