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Responsibilities with shirts shipping to other countries?


Subject line pretty much tells the tale.

Shirts for the French teams of a big local software company for which CPSIA compliant inks were used, and they did add a few youth sizes.

T Shirt Farmer:
Andy, not sure if this is what you are asking but here is some Internationla shipping info.

The deminimus value for shipments to Europe is about $35.00 so anything valued over that requires a VAT of about 20%. Items valued over $170 will be subject to Duties as well.... btw you can not prepay these fees so make certain the receiving party is ready when the postman knocks and the shipping cost is part of the value of shipment.

shipping to other countries flat out sucks.

No, I'm not even having anything to do with the shipping.
All I am discussing here are the CPSIA requirements,  and if any, the French equivalent since there are some youth shirts in the mix.
The youth shirts for the team in SoCal will get my usual tracking info.


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