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Donations = A mutual effort.

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Re; Handeling art donations.

After reviewing a post somewhere about someone needing some free art for a customer that would be considered a low income area customer base or non profit, I wondered if the printer taking the order is also providing services for free or discounted. Certainly not free, but how about discounted?

To give you a better picture, it's a bit hard to take when someone says "can you do this job for free as a donation since they are an inner city club" (meaning that they more than likely will not have that much money to pay for art). I can understand this and could agree to do something. I would be MORE willing if I was able to see your invoice where you charged X amount but gave them a decent discount yourself. Then I would be very happy to jump in and go in with you.

If the shop is charging a regular price...but want me to donate art. I see something wrong with that.
Donations = A mutual effort.

It's not just art.

Not to seem overly harsh, but many have heard my response to a call that begins with "We are a non-profit organization" I generally respond with, "I'm trying very hard to not be".

Likewise, I agree that the caller to you should indicate a team effort and start out with something like "We're donating the printing and just making the markup on the shirts and could you help as well?"

A large display of Chutzpah occurred about two weeks ago when I was left a message from a woman who had committed to hand painting four aprons to sell at a school auction. Two days before the auction she asked me to donate the printing.
By the time I responded, to tell her that no, I couldn't (wouldn't) she told me that it was okay because she had since called the folks who did the school shirts, and asked them! Well, duh!
I hear of this type of behavior on the boards constantly. We're not good (or cheap) enough to do the paying jobs, but can we help them out?

Now You tell me NO FREE ART... after 20+ years of giving art away... Cwap if I could sell art I can get rid of my sandwich board and take a shower... wait till the wifeee heres this


--- Quote from: Frog on April 17, 2011, 05:05:52 PM ---Not to seem overly harsh, but many have heard my response to a call that begins with "We are a non-profit organization" I generally respond with, "I'm trying very hard to not be".

--- End quote ---

My other response is, "then sell the shirts for what I'm charging you. Bingo, no profit for you to worry about."

Well, in not so many words anyway.

Fresh Baked Printing:
Since when does non-profit mean they're broke? Unless I'm printing for Hmong refugees in Thailand, they have money, access to grants, corporate sponsorship with waaay deeper pockets than mine, etc.
While I might be a corporation in my own right, I don't have the bling signage to put on the stage and banners with my name plastered all over it.
I certainly don't mind giving or printing for causes I care about but what rubs me the wrong way is when the committee member will act like it's a great opportunity for ME to give them free stuff.
If the committee member made any attempt at all to nurture a relationship with my business and tell me a little bit about themselves, that would go along way for me considering giving for a cause I might just care about.
Instead the committee member is only out to show the board how slick they were that they got something for nothing.


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