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This is somewhat broad, but we as a company are about to implement safety programs/training/signage in an attempt to prepare ourselves for a possible OSHA appearance. We've been here six years without a visit, but I know that one day they will show up. With all of our equipment and now a forklift, welding equipment, and large oven, I am thinking it's time to be proactive here.

So, does anyone know of OSHA specific signage or training that we should be doing here for the screen printing side of things? I am currently studying and researching their website, but there is so much on there I am getting lost in the mass of material.

SGIA has a class coming up in the next few months.

I penned a compliance article ys ago for PW but it is sadly gone probably forever. Based on compliance visits from Disney and OSHA. Heres what most don't know. You can call ask them to come out. These are referred to as "the White Hats". They are far more lenient and quite cooperative and can put you in touch with a real person that is regional that can answer questions and point you to resources. Be sure to have an evac plan for emergencies, sharps containers for razors and needles, lockout/tagout system, fire extinguishers charged, and careful with extension cords. They don't like them. Much much more but again they are there to help. Unjless there are gross violations they will usually waive fines and give you 30 days to comply. Ask them in advance what you need before they visit. Can't hurt.

Unless you are certain size you are not under them just state stuff for that. I have been doing this 15 years and nobody has showed up ever. 6 people working here.
That is my understanding.

We hover between 8-10 people for the most part. I'm wondering at what point they start eyeing folks. The reason I'm more concerned about it though is that we are opening a new division doing metal fabrication, powder coating, and media blasting which will give them another reason to hit us

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