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MSDS (or SDS) on a tablet?

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I am redoing our entire safety data catalog and it got me thinking...why isn't this done on a tablet.  You are allowed to have an electronic system, so why not.

I have a fairly new tablet we don't use and my artist writes his own apps, so we are going to put something together.  Probably just an existing document management app for now to see how it goes.

First we are going to root it so all the junk is off of it and the only thing on it are SDS sheets.

we are going to put the tablet in the basket that holds the binder, plug it in(on a timer so it doesn't constantly charge) and just leave it there.  I can update the PDF's remotely and easily change how it's organized.

Sorry, I realize this thread is long dead but I really want to do something similar at my shop. I some input and a few questions:

I want to build an electronic MSDS system that is both A) divisible by department/section and B) customizable in a way that allows me to write a table of contents and index that are hyperlink capable.

How did you build yours? Is it a merged PDF, a collection of them, or something else entirely?
Have you experienced any shortcomings with this system so far?
For real, how'd you do dat?

blue moon:
based on the OSHA class I took, tablet is not an option. I could be wrong or things might have changed in last two years though . . .


We were told during our consultation that SDS could be stored online for employees to access. This implied both computers and tablets were acceptable.

Yes you can keep the data on a computer, however, however, the computer must be in working order and accessible all the time...

So this applies: There must be an adequate back-up system and written plan for rapid access to hazard information in the event of an emergency including power-outages, equipment failure, on-line access delays, etc.


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