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How many of you or how many clients do you have that come in and have a large budget on art, lets say 200 to 500 dollar range.  I only have two clients that don't ask questions about art price, but they get alot of shirts and the art has to be on point.  I was just taken off on  the madartist post about cheap art, just had an old freelance artist come in the other day asking about doing art, he is real good and could really boost our biz printing his art , but our customer's spend the amount he charges now for one piece of art  for there entire shirt order.   This has nothing to do with cheap artist from China, more of they just don't want to spend 2 to 3 hundred dollars on a shirt order of 36 to 150 shirts, most my customer are willing to part with 25 to 50 dollars on art, and that's why I break out a butt load of clipart and just rearrange it,  or redraw it a little.


To answer the question, I have less than a half dozen a year who willingly pony up $100 or more, but mostly cater to clients with small jobs On the other hand, I have dozens who initially prefer the pilfered low resolution versions of commercial internet clip art who never even realize that the real file is often less than $20, and usually less than it would cost to clean up their attempt at piracy.

We have 2 full time artists in house everyday and all they do is art.  And we don't charge 1 penny for it!  Its part of the package.  Its one of the reasons we can beat our competitors.  I look at it like emulsion or ink, without it you can't print, without art you cant print, so we just do it.  Don't think I have EVER charged for art.  All my jobs though, I would charge if I were doing contract printing.

Just had a client that paid $500 for an 11 color sep of an old painting. 50 shirt order. It happens but very infrequently of course. Joe D on seps. Will post pin later in the wk

Nobody will pay for art past $35.  I don't ever charge for it as an itemized list but I do wrap it up in the shirt price if need be.  I have tried to hire freelancers as full time workers, but usually they are happy as freelancers and scraping by and trying to charge a month's pay into one project since they don't know when the next project will be.  I prefer some stability, but to each his own.


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