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Re: who else here rides?
« Reply #15 on: April 24, 2011, 12:32:44 AM »
I've got a bum leg that collapses without warning,

I know what you went trough. For a while, few months, I had leg issues and the same thing happened. Seems as if my knee would just give out from under me. I still have leg issues/circulation and what not from sitting at a computer day and night but it's better.

Hmmm.  Looks like it would have been fun riding that.  Last motorcycle I had was a Yamaha something er other. I think it was a 250 and I was about 17 years old.  Bought it and didn't know squat about how to ride.

Funny thing, I was just reading Harley Davidson's BIG BOOK of motorcycles today.  It's got the beginning on up to today. Tells the whole story of how they got started. It's got pictures of all of the old Harleys. and even the first few.

Thats what got me remembering what my Gradpap Had. He was a tinkerer. He's always buy old junk bicycles and fixen'm up and selling them to the kids for like $15.00-$50.00  I remember him having a Harley or a few of them. He loved those motorcycles. He also loved building them. He'd take a lawn mower and hook it up to a bicycle and make it a ...a... motor-cycle.  I remember a few of those old time bicycles he would get and build a motor on it. You'd set the back tire up on a stand and peddle it to start it. I always thought that was so generic...but then read the same thing in the early Harley's.  Heck, the first years of Harley ran on a leather strap. If it rained, you had a lever near the throttle to adjust the tension on the strap to help it grab. HAHA.

I read over at Prestons board that ScreenXpress's son won a Harley and they were talking about how good it was of the Harley Co. to do that. I read in the book today, that it's been a long history of stuff like that.  Once, early on around 1920's, about 10-15 employees and owners got together and took parts of supplies at the Harley factory and built one of the employees a 2 story house after the owners heard that he and his wife and kids were living in a tar paper shack.  I like that kinda guy.
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