Author Topic: Floriani Commercial Offers New Sew-In Control Pad for Electronic Devices  (Read 1999 times)

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Imagine being able to control a music player or phone from a touch pad controller sewn into the sleeve of a favorite jacket. With the My Sew EZ Touch, offered by Floriani Commercial Products, a control strip is sewn into the sleeve of a garment and control icons are embroidered on the top. The wearer can then start, stop, forward, etc. their Ipod or other electronic device, which is secured in an inside pocket of the jacket, by touching the control pad on the sleeve. It eliminates the need for the device to be constantly pulled in and out of its inside pocket to be manipulated.

This unique device consists of a ribbon/wire harness and an electronic adaptor that a device is plugged into. It also comes with 11 pre-digitized embroidered designs of the controls. Once the designs are stitched, you use a single straight stitch to attach the ribbon/wire harness in place. The kit includes a free instructional video and ?Stabilizing Solutions? DVD that will help you determine the proper stabilizer for the garment.

The touch pad is positioned using a template tearaway stabilizer. Professional-looking icons are embroidered on the top of the sleeve and the control pad is carefully glued into position so it will remain in position while the final stitching is done to hold the pad in place. Step-by-step instructions make this process easy to understand and accomplish. Pictorial instructions also are available on the Web site at so it?s possible to see how the pad is inserted. The control pad is easily removed for laundering of the garment.

For more information about Floriani Commercial Product?s full line of stabilizers, threads, and more, go to or call 865-549-5115. 

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now this is cool!!!!
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