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I should know the answer to this but I don't,  what is the difference in pricing custom logo's and just designing for t-shirts.  I know about doing custom art for a T-shirt and charging for it, but if your doing a custom logo for a company what would be your starting price to even pick up a pencil/or pen tool.  We've been ask and have created company logo's and I know I've charge what I would for my regular t-shirt art, I know this can't be correct because we've gotten art from design firms and the customer had to pay more money for them to release the art to us.

we start @ $500.00 for logo creation. It's time consuming  and usually has lots of back and forth. When it's complete, we hand them a jump drive with vector files, jpgs, all sorts of file types so they now "own" the design. We have noticed a few things from the higher price point, it separates the tire kickers from the real businesses we want to work with. If they spend 500 for logo, usually they aren't afraid to drop a few K on quality business marketing, vehicle wraps and other products we offer... works for us anyway..

An ACTUAL Logo starts at $500 like Homer said.  That would be vectorized and ready to go and would include a certain amount of research into their industry and their company.  It would also usually involve two rounds of revisions, and usually 2 or 3 separate directions with the first round.  It would also be designed with an overall identity in mind beyond just the logo, and usually would be provided in color and black and white.

Now, I have also done plenty of "logos" for the plumber down the street types where I just charged my standard hourly rate, but those clients are usually a lot different from a company actually looking for the beginnings of a corporate identity.  They are usually much simpler and much less picky and often come with instructions like "i dont care about anything but it being red and I want it to include a wrench or something".

I also get more than my usual $40 hourly rate on logo design, but I also don't attract the corporate types who will pay $500 and up. Most who I know that would seek that kind of thing go to established design houses and not "the shirt guy"

In a way Frog your right, but after dealing with some of the design house art work, it's dam near best to start at the printer at least we know what is T-shirt/embroidery friendly and can run on paper products with no problems.


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