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Joe Clarke:
Most industries, including printing methods, other than screen-printing, have published standards. Of course standards are invaluable for; training, internal and external communication, growth & development, pricing ETC. Nonetheless before we can have standards we will need to have a common frame of reference for the parts and processes used in makeready and in production. This frame of reference can be established with a glossary.

I am hoping together we can begin to build a lucid, succinct, professional glossary of the elements included in our versatile manufacturing process by building consensus. To test my theory I want to begin with a component which is relatively simple but mission critical as well and invite any and all of you to post your best definition of...

What is a squeegee?

There is a cadre of purveyors and practitioners waiting to review the posts and then compile a working definition of "the squeegee".

The deadline is two weeks from today.

At great peril to ourselves we plan to post the composite definition of the squeegee on The Shirt Board.

Have at it my friends!

blue moon:
Squeegee is a tool used to facilitate the transfer of ink through the mesh.


A squeegee is like a broom. Instead of a brush, it consist of a blade that is made out of rubber or some sort of polymer that moves liquid from one place to another with a swiping action.

A flexible polyurethane blade used in screenprinting. The function of which is to bring the screen into contact with the surface being printed and to shear the ink from the screen.

Take a look at this.


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