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Wasatch connection /Print Que/port 80 questions.


Wasatch connection /Print Que/port 80 questions.

I'm not familiar with this one and I'm at a friends who had a power outage and lost his connection.
I'm fumbling around trying to help him out. I'm thinking basically, a Port 80 error is simply meaning that he's lost his path connections to either HOT folders or the Print Que or both.  I'm reconnecting paths, and doing general restarts, and I see a test file loading over to the Que and it's in the list, but it's not going over to the printer.


Hey Dan, did your friend ever resolve this?  Got a port error for 515 out of Sofrip today.  We had a power outage recently.  They have no documentation regarding the issue and would like us to give them three hundred dollars for a 6month service subscription or something to talk about it.


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