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Help! Did I MISS something?

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VERY simple job- and yet look what has happened~

Did I MISS something??

At the risk of really pissing you off and I am not trying for that at all but I see very little separation between the way you and this customer look at things. There is only a slim chance this will find a happy ending. cut your loses and get out now  150 students picked this guy to communicate with you the story will be so convoluted no one will win
Well you asked

Time for this customer to move on.

They asked you to copy the original and I assume they meant the colors as well (the silver and tan-ish color, not adding yellow, etc)  I would have just redrawn and colored it exactly like the original and replaced only the space that the original text was in with the new text even if it meant poor readability.  Jobs like this are usually a crapshoot when you try to deviate AT ALL from the original, even if it makes more sense for spacing reasons (like what you did with the text and changing the shape around "of").  Just my two cents.

It almost sounds like they want you to actually make it look like the image they sent you? Meaning, they want to see it stitched out?


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