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Re: Separation Software
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I do have a 4 hour training video available for download.
This will assist with your questions and learning to do separations using UltraSeps although its from the previous UltraSeps version but still helpful.  It may also be helpful if using other software or if doing seps manually yourself.
Video download link:
Please read the info on the download page as the video is from the previous version of UltraSeps and some things, such as installation and how to unlock it once purchased needs to be ignored as this has been changed.

Simulated #3 is not covered although works similar to all other automated separation functions.  Simulated #3 is very good, so I am told, and is usually the preferred method used for sim process by many users.

The Color Bar Target no longer needs to be manually inserted for grayscale separations and overall, UltraSeps v2 is more tolerant to end user mistakes and is easier to use when compared to UltraSeps v1.

The video also discusses saving separations as DCS files to print from near the end.  This is no longer needed or suggested.  See the user guide if help is needed on film output or one of the PDF’s on this page:

Updated install video's, how to unlock, etc., can be found on the Support Page of my website.

I also attached a timeline screenshot of the video to make it easier to skip around.

If I decide to do an UltraSeps v3, I'll produce a completely new video.

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Re: Separation Software
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@prince thank you once again for your input I am going to look at the local community colleges and see what they have available that is an excellent idea