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Refrences for graphic design artist for t shirts


I am looking for refrences to find a graphic design artist for my new screen printing company. I am looking for a freelance artist with a 24 hour turnaround on art. This would include color separation and registration marks. Is there any known and trusted online companies that anyone here has used that you can share their contact information.  Thanks all....


You must be referring to basic vector work correct?  Even at that, with approvals and revisions going on, 24 hrs is tight for anyone but their are some.

I think I've heard of a Co actually named 24hrArtwork.  Might try that. I think they are overseas tho but should not matter. I also don't know if they actually prepare it for print as well. Most 24 hr services are just "creating art". Making it production ready adds more time to a job.  Some jobs take me 30 min here, but then separating it adds and other 30 min. Sometimes an hr when I get fancy and all of our work is stupid simple vector.

Let me add that (this time is including approvals/emails/phone calls).

Thank you dottodan !!!! I really appreciate your input. Yes I am looking for the basics, I don't want to work on the graphics at this point in time. Soon I will be doing it and be hands on. Thanks again.




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