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Problem outputting CMYK / EPS file from Illustrator


Wondering if anyone on here has a suggestion regarding a problem we're having.

We are trying to output an AI file that is setup as CMYK + 3 spot colors. The CMYK file is a separate EPS file referenced by AI. The spot colors are inside the AI file itself. When we hit print the spot colors print fine. The CMYK films come out blank with reg marks, since reg marks are inside of the AI file. I also tried outputting a PS file from AI/AccuRIP and only the spot colors saved.

My first idea is to have separator convert to raster and output the 7 films from channels window which might work. But my vector elements might end up looking choppy.

Any ideas?

Issue solved. The separation colors were named "Process <color>", which conflicted with the default Process <Colors> in the separation output print window in Illustrator. Separator renamed the colors and the film prints fine.


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