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AccuRip not working from Adobe Illustrator or Corel X5


Since upgrading to Accurip Black Pearl I can't print through any program.  It shows page being sent to printer, and that's where it stops.
I can print a test page from AccuRip menu fine. I've installed and reinstalled Epson/AccuRip well over 10 times. Been on tech support to them.
After resolving some type of problem it will work fine for about 1 week.
I lost over 4 hours today trying to get this resolved.  I can't work like this. I miss my Xante.
Seriously thinking of going back to laser with true Adobe Postscript.
This is my 1st time writing on a message board, and wondering if anyone out there has encountered this issue.

First let me welcome you.
Second, let me congratulate you as a first timer taking the time to check out the layout and post in the right section!!!  :)
I am almost certain that one of our Accurip users will come to your aid. And yeah, I used laser with Postscript for a long time, and it had it's good points though low D-Min and well shaped dots were not among them, LOL!

As a early Xante user back in whenever they came out, (ScreenWriter lll) it was great until I saw inkjet. I come from tray developing films in a darkroom in the seventies to all the phases of film production, and if you're going to use film, use inkjet. Have you consulted with the AccuRIP folks? They are very helpful and can probably solve you're problem. Good luck...


I'm also like you, from the days of Rubylith & Darkroom.

Finally got it straightened out with Tech Support. The drivers were corrupted.
It seems to happen frequently. I wonder if it's because the Epson 1430
is a low end type printer. Maybe I should upgrade.
Thanks for listening to me vent.


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