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Silhouette Studio : edit after trace?


Mark @ Hurricane Printing:
Can I edit an image after I trace it in Silhouette studio?

I traced an image and i need to close a few gaps.

ALSO.....this is an example: I make an ellipse ..I do not fill it in...I go to trace and it traces the inside and the outside of the border....I don't want it to do that...Im expecting it to me one single line trace but its tracing it as a do i make it not trace the inner and outter line of the ellipse?

the weight of the ellipse line 1.25.

I'm not an SS user, but did a Google search with "Can I edit an image after I trace it in Silhouette studio"

Lots of stuff came up, but below is a tutorial that had some interesting items covered in edit and fill, etc.

Perhaps something there can help.

This one covers Tracing and options

Interesting low-cost application and looks like they have a sizable user group posting all kinds of tuts.

Try putting a fill on the elipse and then trace.


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