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shirt color as design color - UltraSeps question

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Prince Art:
First off, I recently downloaded the UltraSeps trial, so this is a noob question. Here goes:

I'm working with a file where one of the main colors in the design is supposed to NOT print, but rather let the shirt show through. Red shirt, red design elements. Art was supplied with the red intact in the design file. So, I'm wondering if there's a way to deal with this so that the channels for the other colors will be generated so that they interact with each other and the "shirt red" properly; and most importantly, so that the underbase will be generated properly.

If it helps to know: the art was originally designed to be a converted to an Index print. Colors would be red, which would be dropped out; then blue, black, and white. The design approach didn't take into account the need for a UB. It's not a broad spectrum of colors we're dealing with. But we need to make sure the UB is correct for the blue, which includes some tonal variation/gradients, but needs to print with only one blue ink.

Any insights? I've looked over the UltraSeps documentation, and didn't find this particular scenario addressed.

Doug S:
Are you asking how to remove the red part of the ub to let the shirt show through?

Prince Art:
Essentially, yes. I've added a snip of the art to the top post to show what I'm talking about. Intended print colors are white UB, black, blue 2728, white HL. Red is toned by the black overprint, blue is toned by the white UB (and potentially black on top or black beneath). But the interplay between all the colors in the transparent/gradient areas has me concerned.

Doug S:
I'll get you the answer in a minute

Doug S:
call me @ 18702228670.  I keep getting an error when I try to reply anything lengthy


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