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Accurip Black Pearl Jagged Lines

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--- Quote from: mimosatexas on May 24, 2018, 08:59:40 AM ---I use threshold on literally ever spot color film out of photoshop. Even if you import a vector black image at super high DPI it will have subtle gray/translucent pixels on the edges due to the raster vs vector.

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If I open a vector in PS, I open it at 200% minimum, at 300 ppi. And yes, because it's PS, it automatically is raster, but it's so small it imperceptable to the naked eye, so when you shrink it back down to normal, the shirt will mess up the lines more than the software..


I open all vector images at print size and at 720 dpi, no editing in photoshop except flatten>threshold so they print cleanly.  On fine details like small text or thin lines, if I dont threshold it will typically try to halftone them a bit which will mess up how they print.  On huge blocky text it isnt noticeable on the shirt, but if you look at the film you can tell it is trying to create little halftones around the edges.  For whatever reason accurip through my photoshop sees illustrator files as something like 90% black vs actually black unless I threshold.  Accurip also hates CMYK vs RGB in my experience.  Honestly I havent messed with it much beyond knowing that step will fix the issue 100% of the time.


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