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Accurip Black Pearl Jagged Lines

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Could be that the mark is "black" but not actually black.  Like rich black vs true black, or how cmyk and rgb black are different.


--- Quote from: Sbrem on May 23, 2018, 12:52:32 PM ---Though I don't know what kind of file you're starting with, that logo would be fine as a bitmap tif. No grays, just black and white. If it's a raster image, it starts with that file's physical size and resolution. I might take a decent sized jpeg into PS and run it through PhotoZoom Pro to enlarge it and smooth the edges. I usually go up 2X. Then, I'll open the resulting image in PS, and increase the resolution to at least 600 ppi. Then, some judicious Gaussian Blur, as little as possible, just to the point where the image looks smoother, then go into Curves and drag the top and bottom points close to the 50% mark, but don't cross the line. This will give some smoother hard edges, hopefully. Then, take it through the modes in the Image menu to Bitmap (if your original is CMYK or RGB, you have to make it Grayscale first). The last step is to reduce it to the final size, which makes it even a little less noticeable. I've fixed a lot of sponsor logos with this trick, though it's useless with tiny images. For this particular image though, why not just redraw it with vectors?


--- End quote ---

THANK YOU for going into so much detail. I've been messing around with it and I think you are right. The lines are slightly blurry and so Accurip is trying to halftone them. What you suggested sounds like a really good idea for low res logos. Which is what I receive on a daily basis since no one can figure out what "high resolution image" means. The image I attached to my post isn't an actual design, it's just a registration mark. As far as redrawing it with vectors, I have no idea how to do that. I only work in photoshop. I have Illustrator, but I don't know how to use it. I've tried to go on YouTube to figure out how to use Illustrator for screen printing purposes, but after a few videos, I just give up and go back to photoshop.

Sometimes in photoshop you can go to IMAGE - ADJUSTMENTS - THRESHHOLD and get the lighter colors to fill in black.  It doesn't always give a better image but on occasion it helps.

Prince Art:
Not as much control as Curves, but I find it quicker, easier, and sufficient in most cases. Can either go solid black & white from there, or get it close & follow up with Threshold.

I use threshold on literally ever spot color film out of photoshop. Even if you import a vector black image at super high DPI it will have subtle gray/translucent pixels on the edges due to the raster vs vector.


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