Author Topic: Using WAX .tif files on the I-Image instead of the .prt  (Read 14205 times)

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Using WAX .tif files on the I-Image instead of the .prt
« on: July 27, 2018, 06:50:53 PM »

I've found a work around for those wanting to use their previous wax machine .tif files and the new I-Image prt files. These files are basically identical.

Screen print shops with a WAX DTS that later had purchased an I-Image or vise versa, run into the issues of using WAX tif files in their I-Image that uses .prt files by default. The I-Image prefers .prt files simply becasue of the proprietary RIP used for that DTS.

This video shows that you can indeed load the tif files in the I-Image, and interchange between wax and wet ink but the positioning or orientation of the wax machine versus the I-Image will be different. You may need to re-set all old files into a maxed out document size matching your Max print area on your I-Image. Reason being, the I-Image takes files that were .eps or psd and locks them into fixed areas so that the default position gets overridden...and the eps or pdf keeps the art in the correct position. Think "Left chest" or pocket print. The WAX machines may output in a different orientation all together, making the older tif files less usable. NOW, You still can manually change the output position in Printer Control of the I-Image and use that .tif file. But you all this may be cumbersome for many screen room operators and you may as well have the art dept open the tiff file and re-postion for the I-Image. It Amy take some playing around with positioning/orientation but the I-Image does indeed print the .tif files...if you load those into PRINT PRODUCTION first.  See vid.

A work around could be to create a new FOLDER SETUP specifically for WAX.tif files to get dropped into this folder, and re-positiioned. Then it rips it into the correct location, then send to Print Production, then to the Printer. The only purpose for dropping the .tif files into the RIP at all, would be to re-position it. Counter acting what was done for the WAX machines.  This seems feasible to be done.

Seems to work now. Let me know if you don't see it.

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Re: Using WAX .tif files on the I-Image instead of the .prt
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2018, 11:56:57 AM »
Nice work Dot Tone! But I wouldn't trade my wax :)

Painless/low pain work arounds are the best.