Author Topic: What OSHA is looking for....specify your state.  (Read 4487 times)

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What OSHA is looking for....specify your state.
« on: April 21, 2011, 04:08:55 PM »
Here is 5 things they were looking for in our shop.


1. We didn't have a written safety and health program.  This is not only MSDS's since we have all of that.  They are looking for an action plan so to speak.  What gets me on this is when you 10 or less employees you don't need to keep records of anything after the fact, you just need to have a plan set up in the beginning.  10 or more then you need to keep records after the fact as well.

2. We did not have a permit for our air compressor.  Never knew I needed one.  Makes sense I guess.

3. We did not have the fire extinguisher tag filled out for every month.  We have someone that services our extinguishers annually, and we also have the fire department that comes every year to make sure it has been serviced....but what osha is looking for is that every month the tag needs to be signed and dated.

4.  Fuse box needs to have every breaker exceptions.

5.  I had the cover off of 1 of the embroidery machines that I was fixing the timing on.....THIS IS A BIG NO NO.  I was told that after every adjustment I need to put the cover back on before I have power going to the machine.  Makes sense....just a big hassle.