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Vinyl Master?


I have customer that needs to convert some art from his vinyl master program, so far his files are in VDOC file format and I need it in a jpeg, pdf or a eps file any know this program can help me out I have 10 files or tell me how to help him convert them.


I have VinylMaster Pro and can convert them.
Zip them up and email them to

Which of your listed formats would you prefer?

Not in the shop right now,so I'll send  in the morning thanks:

Thanks for helping out SkareKrow!
Darrel,  Unless they are digital files to begin with, I'd think you can have him save as SVG files also. Those are vector like eps. They open right up in Corel or Illy.

Happy 2 Oblige...

Whether the (Vm native) vDocs files contain both vector and raster data
can also dictate what is a suitable output format.

You can view their contents in Adobe Bridge as well.


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