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Right there with you P have not found a way to one stroke a good white-base so I just stop trying and do what works.

blue moon:

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--- Quote from: blue moon on February 11, 2019, 02:21:37 PM ---that is some very nice work there!

try using a roller squeegee to smooth it out. 'should help.h


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Thanks Pierre, i appreciate the comment!  you do excellent work!

using the roller squeegee seems like a good solution, i know the print shop was looking at those at the last trade show but not sure why they didn't go for it. they were mainly looking at those to help with fibrillation.

to achieve a bright white, one stroke underbase on black and using the roller squeegee, what mesh count would you suggest? i'm guessing a lower mesh count to allow more ink through for a thicker deposit, like a 260 or lower?

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I think, from what I can see, that we are stuck having to double stroke the white. I have not found a way to deposit enough with only one stroke. It is always off white.
So we have two options (other than DC), two stroke a single screen or have two screens. On smaller orders we two stroke (the ROQ can still run 800/hour double stroking if everything is dialed in, not that we do but have on few occasions). On bigger orders, we just set up two screens in a row and single stroke. Thats without flashing. If we had a bigger press, we probably would flash in between.


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I should clarify that this is only when we are printing simulated proces which requires translucent ink, rest of our stuff normally gets only one hit of white, but its through a thicker screen.



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