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Good Morning Everyone!

We have a project we are getting ready to print using Cream ink (no base) on a heathered military green t-shirt.

Part of the design contains halftone tone art and our printer is concerned that the dots our rip is generating are too small and will fill in when he prints it. Anyone know if there is way to make the actual dot size larger? Currently we use Accurip Black Pearl.

Any help would be great!

Change the lpi say from 45lpi to 35lpi, to change the percentage 45% to 35%. are a couple ways in ai or in ps or corel.

What Shane said.

In addition, FYI, A higher number such as 85lpi, actually means the dots will be smaller. It's easy to get confused when first trying to understand the dot count and think that larger numbers represents (larger dots). It's just the opposite.
(We are fitting and counting rows of dots) in a square inch or a fixed space. So 85lpi means there are 85 rows of dots in a line.  Fewer lines, means the results are providing LARGER dots to fill that same space.

Thanks guys! Appreciate the help!

Quick question:

Are you letting accurip set your LPI?  Or have you unchecked the box in accurip for "lock screens"?

Its not uncommon to overlook that.


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