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Halftone Dot Size

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You could also think of line count (LPI) like fractions. A 1/4" is twice the size of an 1/8" right? So 30 LPI dots would be twice as large as 60 LPI dots...


Currently I have the lock screens checked. It does still let me change the angle and frequency though. Do you recommend not doing that? For most jobs that I run film for I don't have a problem with it being checked.

Thanks for all the tips! They are very helpful in figuring out printing halftone! Who knew it could be so tricky lol

AccuRip will over ride any changes you do in Illustrator in the Print separation setup page if you have it locked. That is the purpose of locking it. If you want the control in Illustrator and change up line screens often, then you might want t leave it unchecked.


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