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Greetings to one and all. I found this forum while researching various inks in an effort to learn what the heck they actually do. I'm the ink mixer/quartermaster for a medium sized company in New Hampshire. While I have held the position for almost two years, I still have a lot to learn. While my focus is primarily on inks, I have also been a Press OP, Off-loader, and shirt stacker. I figure the more I know about what each job needs and deals with, the more I can help them. Disgustingly team oriented, I know. LOL I have found a world of information on these pages and wanted to say thank you all, especially the admin.s, and please don't mind the noob lurking in the back.

You, as all newbies are welcome, and often pose questions which help even seasoned pros up their game.

Like you, I had to know it all, print, art, darkroom photography, which turned into digital later, meshes, inks, etc... Knowledge is power! And, welcome to the board, really good folks here.



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