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Budget is usually the biggest factor in getting work- so I TRY to let the client set it, and do my best for whatever it may be.
However, often, they INSIST you state a price...then never answer back. Such as with this, which came in last week.
Feel free to try to land this job, if you're a fellow artist- and lotsa luck if you do!

From: Travis Epps


I am looking for someone with your skills who can help me to sketch out an idea that I have and graphically create it. The image that I want designed is the biblical scene of Jesus in front of Pontius Pilate. This image has been painted by Antonio Ciseri, and it is called Ecce Homo (I have attached a picture to this email). I would like a custom version of this painting in which the perspective would not be facing the backs of the people but the direct front and faces of the people. Also, I would like it to be in that classical/Renaissance style.
I know this picture has a lot of details in it, but are you able to create this image for me? 
I would appreciate your help.

Travis Epps

My response~

I can do it, buuuuuttttttt- it may likely be more than you’d be willing to pay; for to capture that quality, it would take at LEAST a week painting it in Photoshop- after a sketch is approved.
And I don’t wish to take a chance of not being paid for that time.
How much are you willing to put INTO this project?

Mike, the Mad Artist

His response~

I am not familiar with the rate of pay for custom graphic designs. I understand this is a very detailed and time consuming design. How much do you think this should cost?

Travis Epps

My reply~

$800-if a Photoshop painting.
A simpler 1 or 2 color vector graphic $2-300.

No further reply from him.
How would you fellow artists deal with this?

That's quite a request- to do a similar painting of that caliber!

Fourteen colors after the UBase. Huge project but it has been done. Watch the minimums. To me, this would fall into the thousands. The pre-op alone can put some in the negative.

Yea, I'm thinking in my head, $800-$1000.00 min. Then, I'd have to up the price more just because it's Jesus we're talking about painting. Gotta give that your bestest best. But then be sure to tithe on Sunday.  LOL.

Thanks, guys!
It's nice to know I wasn't going further over the Deep End than usual!

The only thing I would critique is not saying to a customer that you worry about not getting paid unless that has been a problem with this customer before.  It would rub me the wrong way if right off the bat somebody says, "I don't think you can pay for this."

Shoot him a price, even if it's a little high.  Let him know your payment terms and move on.


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