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Soooooooooooooo..... In true "me" style I have put the horse before the cart. We are officially getting into glass printing.... Where the hell does one buy blank glasses? I feel pretty stupid, like the people asking if jiffyshirts is REALLY the best deal.

I have tried contacting Libby directly, but the reception is not the same as you get when you sign up with say S&S or alphabroder.

Anyone care to help me out?

I buy from a restaurant supply store, might be the jiffyshirts of doing it but I have one up the street. To give you an idea can glasses (Libbey 209) run about $1.16/piece when I buy 3 cases.

Glass is one of those things that is typically dealt with locally due to shipping issues.

We have several large mfgrs/vendors/decorators near us that you would never find unless you talked to someone
that deals with them. Or in my case have several friends that have worked for them. Just tried to look up a specific
company that I know exists, zero web presence.

Not sure if that's helpful at all. Thomasnet or even just following the supply chain up from end user is probably
your best bet.


You might also consider printing on mason jars.....4.25 a dozen if you buy a skid of 2,880.....

In Canada we can get 16 oz Libbey  Flare mixing glasses for 10.00 for 12....I could not find them on US site....But might be worth looking....

Until you are buying multiple skids, Libbey will not be much if any cheaper than restaurant suppliers.....Or even $ stores.....

PS....What ink are you using?...

Try Marck & Associates ( I've seen them at trade shows and they're based out of Toledo, which is where we are. Our printer uses them a lot. It's going to be a lot tougher to order through Libbey as they want to work with larger shops.

The other manufacturer we've had in the past is Arc. I think this is their website:


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