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Doug Lee:
  Andy, Dan, somebody help! Doug B here... My PC got caught in a lightning storm and now I can't log in because I was logged in with Chrome. Chrome doesn't work on this PC at all and I can't even re-install it for some reason. Would one of you gentlemen be able to log me out of Chrome so that I can get back on with Edge? I had to create a new account to be able to reach you. BY THE WAY, I forgot my original password again because I was staying logged on. You can reach me at either e-mail address- The one I logged on with this morning with or my old one.
Thanks - Doug B

Doug B:
  I'm back to my normal (whatever that is) self. Our IT company fixed the issue with my PC.

good to hear, curious as to why your second PC rejected Chrome though.

Doug B:
  I was a Symantic thing. It needed an update/re-install after Win 10 was installed.


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