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AccuRip acting crazy


Here is the run down, had to place my complete harddrive into computer, everything work fine, but found out I couldn't open accuRip to make adjustments, it works and rips like it always have, but got a code 6900 when I tried to open it to adjust some options, any real world help/advice before I call accuRip.

Write to them, Darryl, or check the website for support


Just a guess, but more than likely AccuRip doesn’t recognize the identifier of this new part you put in as being of the same computer. Thinks it’s a different computer and AccurRip doesn’t let you use the license on multiple computers. You have to transfer it from the old to the new one and back to what Sbrem said, you need the folks at AccurRip to walk you through that.  I did it here going for PC to Mac.  It’s just re signing the rip software to a new computer.


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