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Vintage-Worn out, washed out look. 2 clrs.


This is a process where I switch the theory of low mesh down first and use high mesh down first.
1st Base in Cool grey 3, on 305 mesh.

2nd Top color WHITE on 110 mesh.
Small amount of Puff ink added to white. With this, you can even print without a flash on short runs. Not worried about pick up.

I copied my detail separation that would be my base grey, and adjusted curves to burn out all of the grey data of the distressed sep so that only the solid chunky art is on the top low mesh screen. The base in on 305 and not intended to be that bright, so it can stand to soak into shirt, and even be picked up some, loosing any vibrancy.  I entered 55lpi into AccuRip but it doesn’t look that fine. Looks more like 45. This would look much better with less “dot”and more of a continuous tone look to it. You can get that with 75lpi.  Still looks good with this.

I used to do a lot of these “vintage" looks for Disney and a few SP customers for schools etc. Still effective today.
What this does, is not only gives you that visual of the vintage worn out look of the ink cracking off from years of washing, but it also gives you that added feel of dimension, that thickness of older prints cracking off. People like to touch these effects and experience it.

Another affect is similar to using that new CRACKING ink. You print it solid, and then manually break it up once it’s dried.

The cracking is another labor step FYI. Same or similar look can be achieved with a puff UB without the extra step. Thin white will achieve the gray look off flash and will pop raised white under the puff.

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

That looks awesome, puff ink looks like fun


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