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We have a need to produce some photographic prints for posterboards in a 36 x 36 size. 

Sites we have looked at have fixed sizes where print size for 36 inch is not square (24 x 36 or 36 x 40).  Neither of those sizes suits our needs without distorting the picture or losing wanted parts of the image from cropping.

Does anyone have a contact source that might accommodate a print size 36 x 36?

This is a personal use project so volume is only expected to be 10 - 12.



They’ll print 36x36 on the 36x40
Is there something I don’t understand here?

Yea, you should be able to have it printed by someone who prints 36x40 and just have the paper trimmed to 36x36.

I had a long reply entered about how I thought cropping or distortion would occur.

And then I realized your replies were spot on.

Please note my Board Icon on the left........


Just for the record, I have been known to overlook the obvious before as well.


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